Richard ‘Rick’ has been a member of Lakeland Care since 2013. Rick is faced with a progressive neurological disorder that continues to weaken his ability to do some of the things he enjoys. It’s not important to Rick to focus on things that might have been, instead he focuses on the things he can do. Rick’s positive attitude and infectious smile are a true testament to his perseverance and focus on staying positive.


Rick was faced with living in a nursing home, where doctors said he would never leave. Rick decided that he “wanted to go back to living, instead of worrying about stuff”. Now, Rick lives in an apartment in North Fond du Lac, where he is able to surf the internet, read, visit with the ladies down stairs or visit the nearby park. Rick also enjoys politics and manages to keep busy studying up on the ever changing political arena. Rick feels lucky to be able to have access to the community that he grew up in.


Rick is one of eight children in his family, and is the first born of triplets. His siblings continue to provide support when he needs it, and Rick refers to his sister as an “angel without wings”. She comes over to his apartment on Friday for dinner and a movie – Rick truly enjoys this time with his sister.


Rick has agency caregivers and nurses that support him on a daily basis, and feels lucky to “have workers do things, like I like it”. Rick states that these workers “get close like family” and they are “good people that are here for me”.


Rick refers to his care management team at Lakeland Care as “miracle workers”. Rick feels that “all of the weight is off of his shoulders, and he has everything he needs right now to live in his apartment”. “As new things pop up, my team is there for me”.


When you ask Rick what he would tell others about Lakeland Care, he says “When you are in trouble and need help to remain independent, work with Lakeland Care. They will help you navigate through getting your life straightened out”.

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