Member Employment

What inspires you? 

Many of us gain satisfaction from meeting new people and relating to others, or spending time with family and friends.  Some people really like doing a job well.  And still others might enjoy creating things or completing tasks.  No matter what motivates you, having the opportunity to do those things is what leads us to live an inspired and fulfilling life. 

Lakeland Care wants to help you find a great job in your community!  We’re enhancing our supports for Lakeland Care members who find fulfillment through work in their community.  Studies show that the right job can increase your self-worth and independence and improve your overall health and well-being.  In short, work can also inspire you to live your best life. 

Having a job you love helps you make new friends, build self-esteem and independence, and may even improve your overall health and well-being.  Lakeland Care supports you on your path to Competitive Integrated Employment by helping you gain skills, experience, and opportunities you need to be successful.  Your Lakeland Care team can even personalize other services such as transportation and personal care to support your success at work!

What skills do you have, and which would you like to develop? 

Everyone has a different idea of what their ideal job is. We want to support you in finding a job you love, and helping you to be successful at work.  Lakeland Care partners with over 40 different employment service providers who are ready to support you to be successful.  Lakeland Care works alongside you and the state Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), from your first application throughout the time DVR is serving you.  Your Lakeland Care team is there to help you gain the necessary skills and experience to find and keep your job, and support you to thrive in your community. 

Lakeland Care has renewed our commitment to supporting member employment outcomes by creating a new Competitive Integrated Employment training curriculum for all Lakeland Care teams.  This training will help care teams work with you to identify your employment goals and work together to overcome any obstacles in your path to employment.

Whether you know for sure you want to work, or would like to learn more about possible options, your care team at Lakeland Care will partner with you in starting your employment adventure.  Lakeland Care will be there to help you find and keep a job you love!

“Employment is giving me the opportunity to learn new things and it’s a great feeling for me when I can master a task to do a job well.”

– Lakeland Care Member

“People really like me. I am really good with customers. They make me smile and I make them smile.”

– Lakeland Care Member