Tribal Care Services

Lakeland Care’s Family Care Partnership with Wisconsin Tribes

Eleven federally-recognized American Indian Tribes and Bands call Wisconsin home. Lakeland Care, Inc. is honored to have been chosen by the Menominee Tribe and the Oneida Nation to support the Tribes’ transition from a long-term care support system operated under federal waiver authority, to supports and services under Wisconsin’s Family Care program.

The Tribes are sovereign, which means “they possess a certain amount of autonomy and are empowered to govern themselves and promote their own cultural and economic development. The sovereignty of American Indian tribes, however, is not the same as the sovereignty of a nation-state or of a U.S. state. Members of American Indian tribes are also citizens of the United States and residents of the various states, with the same rights and responsibilities as all other U.S. citizens.” (Wisconsin Legislative Briefing Book, Chapter 26 State-Tribal Relations, page 1, November 2016)

Lakeland Care, Inc. (LCI) administers the Family Care program under contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. According to the State of Wisconsin – Department of Health Services, Policy Regarding Consultation with Wisconsin Indian Tribes, July 2009, “Whether the services are provided through tribal agencies or directly through the Department’s partner agencies, it is critical that the Department of Health Services’ administration and leadership of the Tribes, and their respective representatives, consult with one another to assure the availability and successful delivery of needed services and other assistance.”

Lakeland Care also abides by this standard.

In addition to following this consultative model, Lakeland Care has developed and utilizes a series of cultural competence principles that support its interactions with American Indian tribes. These include:

  • Lakeland Care supports the foundational principles of cooperation and collaboration in its work with American Indian Tribes in Wisconsin, and administers its Family Care supports and services in a culturally competent manner.
  • LCI honors and seeks to understand the core needs and cultures of all of the individuals we serve.
  • Lakeland Care maintains Advisory Committees with each Tribe to promote understanding.
  • LCI will conduct regular evaluation and review to ensure we are maintaining an environment that understands and respects members’ cultures and needs.

Lakeland Care prides itself on providing individualized care that supports members outcomes while upholding rights and beliefs of those we serve.