Standards to become a provider

Lakeland Care will add providers to the network when all of the following standards are met:

  • The requested service is in the Family Care benefit package;
  • Network capacity indicates a need for additional providers within the applicable service code category (this standard is not applicable to Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs), Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCACs), community rehabilitation programs, home health agencies, day service providers, personal care providers, or nursing facilities);
  • The provider agrees to be reimbursed at Lakeland Care’s contracted rate negotiated with similar providers for the same care, services, and/or supplies;
  • The provider meets all applicable licensing/certification requirements as they apply to the services to be provided;
  • The provider has demonstrated an ability to meet other applicable standards that are required by law or per their contract with Lakeland Care;
  • The provider has positive references that demonstrate competency and quality services;
  • The provider is willing to adhere to all components of Lakeland Care contract and addendums; and
  • The provider is willing to submit other materials as requested by Lakeland Care to demonstrate rendering of quality service, and competency.

Application Requirements/Timeline

  • If you are interested in becoming a contracted provider with Lakeland Care view the training on Becoming a LCI Service Provider to learn about Lakeland Care and what is required to become a contracted provider.
  • To become a provider for Lakeland Care apply online click here.
  • A member of the Provider Contracting Team will contact the provider within 3 business days of receipt of the online application. 
  • Upon receipt of all completed application documents, agreement of service provisions, and determination/negotiation of rates, a “Service Provider Contract” will be issued to the provider within 5 business days.  

Required Application Documents

  • Lakeland Care Service Provider Application (Residential or Non-Residential)
  • Copies of all applicable licensing/certification requirements as they apply to the service that the provider intend to provide.
  • Copy of insurance policy(s) and bonding (if applicable).
  • Provider Agreement Form
  • Background Check Attestation Letter
  • Debarment Attestation Letter
  • Training Attestation Letter
  • Civil Rights Compliance Plan and/or Civil Rights Compliance Attestation Letter. For more information see: