Empowering Individuals. Strengthening Communities. Inspiring Futures.


Our Vision

To create a world we all want to live in.

Our Core Values

Kindness: We believe kindness is always possible and that no compassionate act is ever wasted.

We believe in the Platinum Rule. Kindness is our collective heartbeat and the core of our organizational DNA. We demonstrate our inner tenacity through our outward actions, even when it’s hard. We understand that compassion is the fuel that makes the world go ‘round and we are a full-service station.

Inclusion: We believe that open hearts and open minds are the only path to a brighter future.

We believe that everyone gets an invitation to the party and gets the chance to show us their dance moves. We are barrier breakers and bridge builders. We know we are the collective sum of beautiful and varied parts; strength comes from our differences, not from our similarities. Inclusion is not a political opinion but rather a non-negotiable human right. We believe that to serve all means to include all.

Trust: We believe that honesty is still in style and that promises still have power.

We believe in trust falls and pinky promises. We say what we mean, and we mean what say. We fly the vulnerability flag high and hold space for authenticity to enter the room. We know that respect comes through each one of us in the content of our character. We give and receive trust freely because through it we rise together.