Our Mission

Enriching members’ lives by honoring their values through high quality, cost effective long-term care.

Our Vision

We are a member-centered organization that coordinates members’ long-term supports by:

Delivering high quality, cost-effective options
Expanding access and choices to members
Enhancing partnerships and resources within our communities
Improving the health and well-being of members and their families
Maintaining a positive place to work and deliver services

Board Philosophy

Strategically aligned with the Lakeland Care District’s Mission and Vision, the Board Philosophy guides all actions and decision-making for the Board of Directors.

Honesty and Integrity

Compassionate Stewardship

Responsible for costs and services
Consider overall impact of decisions on members, providers, employees and quality

Commitment to Member Needs

  • Proactive and responsive
  • Accessible to clients and providers
  • Timely acknowledgment
  • Respect and dignity

Continuous Improvement

  • Effective and Productive

Valuing Lakeland Care District Employees and Providers

Guiding Principles

Aligned with the Board Philosophy, Guiding Principles are the specific actions and behaviors that guide Lakeland Care District staff in all situations and decisions, define the desired culture of Lakeland Care District, and help fulfill the LCD mission.

Teamwork: Build and nurture collaborative relationships while valuing the contributions of all.

Respect: Display a professional attitude that respects diverse opinions, values and expertise of all stakeholders.

Accountability: Accept responsibility for actions and results.

Customer Service: Treat everyone as a customer and deliver high quality service through the dedicated effort of all.

Communication: Utilize an open-minded and solution-focused approach with consistent and timely follow through.