Lakeland Care offers Family Care, a program designed to help eligible elders and adults with disabilities live independently – at home and in their community. Family Care covers your long-term care services and benefits and provides you with your own care manager and nurse to help coordinate your care.


As a member of Lakeland Care, you can access our local provider network for needed services such as personal care, meal assistance, transportation, medical equipment and supported employment. Or, if you have the desire to direct most of your own services and support, we offer that option.


We Focus on You.

Your care team includes you, a care manager and a registered nurse. Together, we discuss what’s important to you, your long-term care needs, and the long-term care outcomes you want to achieve. You can also choose to have family members or others involved as part of your team.


Together, we identify what you are able to do for yourself, what support you already have, and what services and support you need. We’ll develop a member centered plan focused on you, the long term care outcomes you want and the resources you may need to achieve these outcomes.


What Are Long Term Care Outcomes?

Long Term Care Outcomes are situations, conditions or circumstances that you, or your care team, identify that allow you to live your life to the fullest extent. These outcomes are based on your health and safety needs.


Lakeland Care helps you identify your outcomes – and to find safe, healthy and cost-effective ways to help you achieve these results.