Jim Heagle joined Lakeland Care, Inc. (LCI) in April 2023.  He resides in a rural area with limited support resources. Since becoming a member, Jim has hired and trained several Self-Directed Supports (SDS) caregivers, enabling him to remain in his home despite historically needing a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).

Previously, when Jim’s wife Heidi was unavailable, he required short-term stays at SNFs for his daily care needs. However, Jim would often cut these stays short because he was unable to receive the care he preferred. Recently, when Heidi needed to be away, the couple collaborated with SDS caregivers to create a schedule that would meet Jim’s needs at home, aligning with his preferences. Jim commended the schedule, stating it was “well put together.”

Isabel, one of Jim’s caregivers, highlighted that SDS allows for more personalized care, stating, “Jim can tell us how and when he wants cares.” She explained that once a routine is established, the process works well.

For Jim, SDS is crucial as it provides him with the “ability to take care of my needs in my safe environment.” Even in Heidi’s absence, Jim felt “so much more comfortable knowing I was being taken care of at home. It allowed me to feel much more relaxed.” Jim expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support received from his LCI team and dedicated SDS caregivers, whose contributions have greatly enriched his life!

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