Lakeland Care takes pride in supporting our members’ employment aspirations. Through a comprehensive assessment process, our care teams gain valuable insights into each member’s unique skills, abilities, and goals. This understanding enables us to connect members with the services and resources needed to achieve their objectives. By collaborating closely with schools, providers, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), and other community partners, we ensure the best possible outcomes for our members. Christian, a Lakeland Care member, is a testament to the success of those collaborative efforts in supporting members’ employment objectives.

Meet Christian! Christian is a Recycling Technician at UW-Stevens Point Waste Education Center.  He was hired as a permanent part-time employee following his graduation from the Project SEARCH program, where he completed various internships to build his skills and discover his interests. Christian utilized support through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) as well as the Opportunity Development Center (ODC) to increase his independence with his employment. Christian’s DVR Counselor, Kassey, says that he “was always very enthusiastic about the Project SEARCH program and open to trying new things, especially the Waste Education Center where he has grown and even proved to the staff there during his rotations that he is responsible enough to do tasks they were not planning on letting interns do.”            

He enjoys sorting and processing the items that come into the center and states that he feels “happy being able to save the planet.” Discovering his passion, Christian’s supervisor, Chris, could not be more pleased with the dedication and enthusiasm Christian brings to the team. Chris states, “It has just been an awesome experience, Christian loves the team, and the team loves Christian, it’s a great relationship.” Chris continued by saying, “Christian wrote me a ‘Thank you’ note that says, ‘I can’t believe I get to save the Earth’ which really shows just how serious and proud he is of the work he does here!” Chris enjoys working with The Project SEARCH program and says, “the staff have been fantastic to work with and it’s just been a great, great experience!” 

Lakeland Care is grateful to Christian and his team for the commendable work that is being completed! Thank you for making the world a better place!

UW-Stevens Point hosts one of the 30 Project SEARCH sites operating throughout Wisconsin at various businesses. 

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