Jeffery is in his 50s and lives in Bonduel with his son. Prior to enrollment with Lakeland Care, Inc. (LCI), Jeffery and his son shared that he would be in bed when his son left for work in the morning and would still be in bed when he returned at night. When Jeff enrolled with LCI in April of 2023, he had frequent emergency room visits and hospitalizations related to fluctuating blood sugar levels associated with diabetes. Jeff’s limited eyesight and difficulty giving himself the correct amount of medication led to Jeff struggling with checking his sugars. Sometimes when his blood sugar results were abnormal, he would not eat something or take his insulin, often resulting in emergency services being contacted.


Jeff is a double amputee who relies on his wheelchair for all modes of transport. His care managers were able to get Jeffrey assistance through skilled nursing and Self-Directed Supports (SDS). Jeffrey now has staff that check on him each day. Jeffrey has also been able to get out of the house more often during the week with the assistance of his SDS worker, sometimes up to 3 times a week. Recently, Jeffery expressed interest in going swimming at a local recreation center to increase his activity and continue to get out in the community.  Jeffrey’s hospitalizations and emergency room visits have decreased with the support from LCI ,and his son reports that he seems happier.

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