At age 31, Kara currently lives with her mother and stepfather in Fond du Lac.   Thanks to the support from her family and her work as a valued employee, she has blossomed as an individual over the past few years.

Due to a condition called ‘mutism,’ Kara is extremely shy. She has a difficult time looking directly at people as well as communicating with them.  Even though she has mutism and Down syndrome, Kara has overcome many challenges by becoming employed in the community.  She is a proud employee of McDonald’s, where she’s worked for seven years. She also started another job at her local Dairy Queen in the last year.

Kara is a hard working individual who excels at accomplishing her tasks, and she enjoys being part of her community.  She may have a difficult time speaking with others, but it is very easy to see the look of accomplishment on her face while working.  Kara’s smile is worth a thousand words.

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