Ginger leads a self-determined life. As a member with Lakeland Care, Inc. (LCI) it is no surprise that Ginger self-directs her services and supports, by hiring her own employees, to meet her long-term care outcomes. According to Ginger, self-directing her services is an integral part of her care preferences as “I have a choice in who I have take care of me.”


In October 2023, Ginger was chosen to lead a breakout session, alongside LCI staff, on Community Connections at the Self-Determination Conference in WI Dells. Community connections is an area of importance for Ginger: “If you self-direct, you can connect with people in your local community in other ways.”

When Ginger’s self-directed support employees could not attend the conference, Ginger struggled to find a caregiver. With partnership from Ginger’s LCI Care Manager, Kim, LCI’s Self-Directed Support Department, and her Self-Directed Support Financial Management Service Agency, GT Financial, caregiver options were located. From those options, Ginger was able to hire a temporary caregiver, Gretchen, to support her during the Self-Determination Conference. Per Ginger, “We hit it off right away.” Ginger has since asked Gretchen to support her for years to come at the Self-Determination Conference! According to Ginger, “You never know who you are going to inspire.”


At Lakeland Care, our mission is not just a set of words; it guides and defines everything we do. We are committed to empowering individuals, strengthening communities, and inspiring futures. Ginger and Gretchen’s story does just that.


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