Late 2017, Doug decided it was time for him to get additional support with his care management. He was part of a program where he self-directed his supports, but was needing help to manage his supports.   After receiving education at his local ADRC, Doug chose to become a member of Family Care, and enrolled with Lakeland Care in November 2017.


When Doug joined Lakeland Care, he was not in a good place and needed help. He had recently lost his apartment and was in an unhealthy relationship. Shortly before enrolling with Lakeland Care, Doug moved in with his parents on the Menominee Reservation where they helped him get back on track. While living with his parents, he began counseling services to treat his mental health and AODA, started seeing a primary care physician, regularly attended medical appointments and followed medical recommendations. These small changes were the first steps in Doug’s rebuilding journey.


Doug is proud to maintain his sobriety and has worked hard to save enough money to move back into his own apartment with supports.   Doug worked closely with his LCI care team to determine which supports were needed for him to live independently. Some of the supports Doug’s care team coordinated for him include a home care nurse, home delivered meals, medical transportation and durable medical supplies. In addition to the supports his care team helped to coordinate, Doug still utilizes some self-directed supports with his housekeeping, which means that he gets to choose his workers and direct the work that they do.


Since becoming a member of Lakeland Care, Doug has attended two camps, one for therapy and one to help individuals with vision impairments live independently. With the help of Doug’s LCI care team, he applied for a scholarship to cover the cost to attend Red River Rider’s Horse Therapy 6 week program in August 2018, which he was awarded. He also attended a visually impaired camp that taught him skills on how to be independent.


Doug continues to improve his life and makes goals with his care team. Recently, he has been able to renew his ability to hold a driver’s license and is hopeful to get his own vehicle in the future.  He would also like to obtain a community job. Doug likes to learn and has always had an interest in computers. He saw a flyer at his local library for an IT program offered through Colorado Christian University (CCU)). Doug completed the application and financial aid paperwork all on his own. He was accepted and started taking college courses in January 2019.


Doug is committed to living his best life and is grateful for the help his care team has given him. When asked about his experience with Lakeland Care, he said, “my care team really helped me out and I really like the Family Care program.”

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