Independence has always been important to Diane. Prior to her enrollment in Family Care she lived in the community with her rep-payee, but her family felt that she was not receiving needed supports and was at risk for abuse. With the help of Adult Protective Services and the Aging and Disability Resource Center, Diane enrolled into the Family Care program with Lakeland Care. Her care team immediately sought out residential options that would meet Diane’s support and needs.


Initially, Diane flourished living at an adult family home. She received supports there, and was referred to DVR for employment services and began working at Holiday House. But as time went on and Diane’s level of independence increased, she began to display behaviors. She shared that she was frustrated that others were completing tasks that she felt she could do herself.


Lakeland Care staff consulted with Diane regarding alternative residential options that would be best for her. Diane shared that she lived alone several years ago, so her care team assessed her capacity to live independently in her own apartment and discussed how she felt about returning to her own apartment with supports. Diane was excited about the idea of more independence and shared that she is able to do many of the tasks the adult family home was completing for her, so her move to her own apartment was planned.


Diane has enjoyed decorating her apartment and picking our furniture. Her rep-payee Mickey has done a lot to help Diane get to where she is today; Diane trusts her and they have a great relationship. Diane says it would be hard to have her own apartment without the assistance she receives from Mickey. Mickey treats Diane with respect and helps “keep her on track.” Diane looks forward to baking every week with Mickey.


Lakeland Care staff have worked with Diane to establish an SDS budget so that Mickey can provide supportive home care in addition to other services. Mickey helps Diane with weekly tasks including meal preparation, grocery shopping, medication management, personal care, and routine home care.


Since moving into her own apartment Diane has had no behavioral issues, her apartment is well kept, she uses a chore chart and sets a weekly menu, and has learned to cook and bake many things. She has also been completely compliant in taking her medication. Diane is working more than 20 hours each week at a local college. She takes the bus to work each day and is fully independent at work after initial support from a job coach.


When she’s not working Diane enjoys hanging out with her brother and sister, crocheting, completing puzzles and word searches, playing bingo and watching Wheel of Fortune. In the future Diane would like to start traveling. She says, “The best thing about living by myself is having freedom and independence.” She sets her own rules and sticks to them, and has become her own best advocate.


Diane has overcome many hardships in her life and demonstrated great determination and resilience to get where she is today. Her future is bright!

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