Devon and Dustin

Brothers turn into coworkers at local Culver’s


Walking into Culvers of Suamico you might do a double take when you notice the gentleman taking your order looks oddly familiar to the gentleman cleaning the dining room. Devon and Dustin are brothers who have worked together since fall of 2017!


Although they look alike, they are vastly different. Devon is very outgoing, he can be found taking orders, socializing with coworkers, and interacting with customers while Dustin is more introverted, he prefers to focus on his cleaning duties and does well with routine. Culvers employs the two very different brothers in positions that match their skills, personalities, and interests.


When the pandemic began, Culvers adapted to continue serving the community. Devon and Dustin remained employed as essential workers and shifted responsibilities to meet the needs of the business.


Before starting at Culvers, Devon worked at ASPIRO in prevocational services where he tried out a few jobs in the community. A friend recommended he apply at Culvers and Devon was hired in January of 2016. Since then, he continues working 16-20 hours/week and has learned a variety of duties including preparing and running orders, serving Culvers famous custard, taking customer orders, and cashiering. ASPIRO supported Devon at first but quickly ended as they found he was able to work independently. Since working in the community, Devon has become more independent at home as well and is now working towards getting his Driver’s License! When asked what he enjoys about his job, Devon replied “I love working, [I enjoy] everything, there’s nothing bad about what I do!”


When Devon’s younger brother, Dustin was ready to start working, he quickly recommended him to work at Culver’s also! Job coaching support was used to assist the staff at Culvers to communicate with Dustin. Dustin’s managers now know how to support him, so he is successful on-the-job, as he does best with routine and clear expectations. Dustin enjoys cleaning the lobby and restrooms and works 11-15 hours during the times his brother works so Devon can provide support if needed.  Through the pandemic, Dustin’s work duties changed, and he has adjusted to working more with customers which is out of his comfort zone but has helped to improve his social skills.


Both Devon and Dustin bring unique skills and abilities to their employer but one thing they both agree on is that they love having a paycheck!


Devon and Dustin’s Care Manager, Robin, is proud of the brothers and how they have built on their skills while working. Having a job gives them a purpose, a way to connect with people, and a meaningful contribution in their community!


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