Devin became a member of Lakeland Care, Inc. (LCI) shortly after he graduated from high school. Devin has made exceptional progress. His communication and social skills are expanding, and he interacts with his care team on a whole new level than when he first started working LCI.


Devin started attending LCI provider Covey about a year ago. He is growing there by getting new tasks and works through them without cues or prompts. Devin now engages with peers, staff, and community members in a way he wasn’t when he first joined. Covey has been nothing short of a blessing for Devin. He looks forward to attending every day and isn’t happy on the weekends when he doesn’t get to go. The growth Devin’s mother has seen floors her is in social abilities. Devin is a good friend to his peers, holds conversations with them, and is even being a ‘prankster.’


At home, his mother shares Devin will communicate his wants and needs with so much more speech compared to a few words. He is also more comfortable in relaying his emotions. Devin’s family is so thankful for the funding LCI provides to allow him opportunities for wonderful life changing opportunities.

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