You may remember David from Lakeland’s “Hired during a Pandemic” campaign featured in October 2021. David was highlighted for his employment at Stoney Creek Lawn & Garden. David worked about 24 hours per week as a seasonal employee with Stoney Creek from his hire date in May 2021 to October 2021, when the plant season ended. David could have easily taken time off until March/April when the job at Stoney Creek would start back again, but instead he decided to get another job!


David was hired in November 2021 as a bagger at Trig’s grocery store in Minocqua, WI! He continues to not only work his own scheduled hours but is also one of the first to be called when the employer needs extra help! Gail, David’s mother, is grateful for the co-workers and supportive management. Gail says they, “give him opportunities and give him chances, which is GREAT! David does anything they ask him to do. Organize shelves, stock shelves, bag groceries, whatever they want him to do. He knows a lot of people and he’s a people person. We have had no complaints; he is very polite and helpful!” David says he will work at both Stoney Creek and Trig’s in Spring & Summer. Way to go David!


A little more about David. David is very involved in his community, he participates with Special Olympics, he started playing golf this summer, he was gifted a battery operated snowblower for his birthday and happily uses it to help out his neighbors, he is active in his church, and helps in the kitchen for the United Foundation For Disabled Archers (UFFDA) during hunting season. David also volunteers 2-3 times per month at the local food pantry. David says “it’s great to be back working there too.” David’s Lakeland Care care manager, Becky, is so happy for him and how much independence he has gained through all of his activities. Becky says David is “just a really cool guy who loves to be involved in his community and is a great worker!” Read more about David’s journey at: https://wi-bpdd.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/BFL_David.pdf

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