Margaritas in Green Bay continues to serve their community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and Lakeland Care member, Nick, is one of their essential employees who helps to ensure this local business continues to provide their famous margaritas and Mexican food!


Nick has adapted to the restaurant’s needs throughout phases of offering delivery, curbside pickup, and re-opening doors to dining guests. Nick has worked at Margaritas for almost five years and working is as essential to him as he is to Margaritas!


“I like my job, the people I work with, and how they treat me- they’re like a second family”


Nick works full-time and is primarily responsible for bussing tables. He has a strong memory and had no problem memorizing the 86 tables throughout the restaurant. During the pandemic, Nick assisted with various jobs from bagging chips and doing prep for takeout orders to moving the tables and chairs to ensure proper distancing. Nick’s Manager, Sid states that Nick is the lead busser there at Margaritas– “he takes his job seriously, does a good job, and shows responsibility.”


Nick found the job at Margarita’s on his own back in 2015 and according to Jan, Nick’s mom “We are very proud of Nick and very appreciative of Margarita’s for being such a fantastic employer.  Working at Margarita’s has given Nick a focus and a sense of purpose. He takes his job very seriously and lights up when he talks about it. He feels valued and is proud of the fact that he can support himself and work with such a great group of people”.


Nick has worked independently at Margaritas just with support from his coworkers. Nick’s managers are flexible around his schedule, as Special Olympics are important to him. Nick keeps track of his schedule on his own by using the scheduling App Margaritas uses on his smart phone and drives himself to and from work.


Before working at Margarita’s Nick tried out different jobs and his goal was initially to work in a daycare. Although working in this setting taught Nick reliability, hard work, and the importance of following expectations, Nick found that it was not the right job match for him.


One thing that Nick struggles with is money management. Nick receives tips in his role at Margaritas which typically are provided to employees daily. This resulted in Nick spending his tip money immediately so to help teach Nick to build a savings, Margarita’s agreed to provide tips on a weekly basis which Nick’s team then helps him track and contribute to his savings. This was a big step, as Nick recently moved out into his own apartment which he pays for on his own along with his car insurance and cell phone bill.


Nick’s Manager, Sid states that in his role handling hiring for 14 years, they know there may be some extra training and more barriers initially when hiring individuals with disabilities or with any challenges but that it has worked well for their business. They receive support from the community, as customers point out how inclusive Margaritas is as an employer!


Nick’s Care Manager, Robin, states- “because of his job- he lives in a nice apartment, drives a good car and is literally living his best life ever!”

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