Lakeland Care, Inc. Captivates with Flexible Work Culture, Earns Prestigious Top Workplaces Award

Lakeland Care, Inc., an organization pioneering the future of long-term care, is proud to announce its recognition as a leader in work-life flexibility and recipient of the prestigious Top Workplaces award. This recognition solidifies Lakeland Care’s dedication to fostering a supportive and flexible work environment that empowers its employees to thrive both professionally and personally.

“Receiving the Top Workplaces award is a testament to our ongoing efforts to build a culture that values and prioritizes work-life harmony,” said Sara Muhlbauer, CEO of Lakeland Care. “We believe that when our employees are engaged, motivated, and well-supported, the positive impact extends to our members and the broader community.”

Lakeland Care’s dedication to work-life harmony has garnered attention within the industry and contributed to its standing as an employer of choice. By offering competitive benefits, fostering a positive work environment, and providing ample opportunities for professional growth, Lakeland Care continues to attract and retain top talent.

The Top Workplaces award acknowledges organizations that excel in fostering an employee-centric culture, prioritizing work-life harmony, and driving overall job satisfaction. This recognition highlights Lakeland Care’s commitment to its employees and the communities served.

For more information about Lakeland Care, visit or call 920-906-5100. For more information about long-term care options available to Wisconsin residents, contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in your county:

About Lakeland Care, Inc.
Lakeland Care, a Wisconsin-based organization, is dedicated to creating a world we all want to live in. With long-standing roots as a managed care organization (MCO), Lakeland Care provides long-term care services and supports to eligible frail elders and individuals with physical and intellectual or developmental disabilities through Wisconsin’s Family Care program. Additionally, Lakeland Care extends its reach by offering a care management program to individuals who do not qualify for Family Care. The program is designed to help people navigate the goals that are important to them, whether it is in relation to health and wellness, independence, or assisting with the coordination of necessary care.

Furthermore, Lakeland Care is committed to helping businesses and individuals through its subsidiary, Lakeland Care Plus. Lakeland Care Plus offers training, coaching, consulting, and Information Technology (IT) solutions, providing clients with the necessary tools and knowledge to foster growth, meet financial objectives, and promote a positive workplace culture. To learn more about Lakeland Care, Inc. and Lakeland Care Plus, visit

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