Kim E.

I am grateful to be a part of an organization that embraces its mission – Empowering Individuals. Strengthening Communities. Inspiring Futures. Working at Lakeland Care provides an opportunity to effect positive change in the lives of individuals, while simultaneously fostering profound connections within our communities.

The openness and encouragement to explore different career paths have been instrumental in my journey at Lakeland Care. I’ve had the chance to take on diverse roles and responsibilities, allowing me to gain valuable experience and broaden my perspective. The organization’s commitment to empowering its employees and enabling them to reach their fullest potential has made a significant impact on my decision to stay. I have also built strong working relationships, a work family, that contribute to my personal and professional growth. That level of support, kindness, and connection mean the world to me!

Working at Lakeland Care offers the opportunity to contribute to something larger than oneself and be part of a movement that brings positive change to the lives of those we serve!

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