Loyalty Campaign Celebrating 10+ Years with Employers

At Lakeland Care Inc., our mission is clear: Empowering Individuals. Strengthening Communities. Inspiring Futures.  In this Mission Moment, we proudly shine a spotlight on an extraordinary group of individuals who embody these principles through their unwavering dedication to their employers. Lakeland Care is honored to celebrate 66 members who have steadfastly served their employers for over a decade. This milestone not only speaks to their dedication but also underscores the profound impact they’ve had on their workplaces and the wider community. Their journeys have not only shaped their careers but have also served as inspiration to those around them.

The value of an employee often shines brightest through the words of their employers. Here are a few testimonials that illuminate the outstanding contributions of members supported by Lakeland Care:

“Bright, cheery, a positive impact on all of us!”

“Always willing to help our customers and our team!”

“Willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers have what they need!”

As we celebrate their accomplishments, we are reminded of the far-reaching impact their commitment has had on strengthening community bonds and inspiring a brighter future for all!

Lakeland Care partners with over 40 different employment service providers. That partnership is focused on a commitment to member success through Competitive Integrated Employment. These partnerships offer a network of resources and opportunity for members seeking employment. We have found this network to be a supportive community that offers employee recognition!   

Join us in recognizing these exceptional individuals who embody the spirit of Lakeland Care Inc., demonstrating the transformative power of empowerment, community, and inspiration in the workplace!