Community Volunteer Program: Building Connections Between The Community and Lakeland Care Members

Empowering Individuals, Strengthening Communities and Inspiring Futures is the mission that Lakeland Care lives and exemplifies every day. Today we bring you a Mission Moment that shows the whole mission is action. The Community Volunteer Program recently launched by Lakeland Care Inc.’s Volunteer Services Specialist, Amanda Stobb will connect not only community stakeholders to Lakeland Care through meaningful volunteer opportunities, but also will connect those same volunteers to members and each other.

“Volunteering allows individuals to connect with their communities, develop friendships, learn new skills, and gain valuable experience for career advancement. Plus, volunteering contributes to purpose and fulfillment in an individual’s life,” says Stobb.  “Lakeland Care’s new volunteer program will match vetted volunteers with members, allowing them to explore opportunities that provide meaning and connection within their communities. As a pioneer in the creation and development of the volunteer program, LCI is helping to advance how we holistically support our communities and the members we serve.”

Volunteers are being sought in the Fond du Lac area to provide administrative support, transportation to members and companionship to members.

Lakeland Care’s mission is a promise to make the difference in the lives of others, whether as a member or as a community volunteer!