Lakeland Care Inc. Participates in Mosaic Family Health’s Community Café

At Lakeland Care Inc., our mission is a guiding light, illuminating the path toward stronger communities and empowered individuals. We proudly stand beside Mosaic Family Health as they embark on a unique journey of community engagement through their innovative Community Café.

Lakeland Care’s commitment to community shined brightly as we participated in the Nov. session that included a stroll through the streets of Mosaic’s metaphorical neighborhood cafe. Representatives from Lakeland Care Inc.’s Care Management and Organizational Impact team were integral parts of the journey. Taking the stage to provide education on Lakeland Care’s mission of empowering individuals, strengthening communities, and inspiring future while highlighting the collective efforts made alongside partners like Mosaic Health. 

Attendees included Mosaic’s team of physicians, physicians in residency, faculty, and employees who participated in educational sessions gaining understanding of community resources and support on all aspects of life, ensuring health and safety for our communities. A key take away was the shared knowledge that together we can build bridges of collaboration and communication, strengthening the very foundation of our communities. It’s a mission in action, a commitment unfolding in real-time.

Thank you to Mosaic Family Health for allowing Lakeland Care Inc. to be part of this experience. Together, we will continue to create moments that empower, strengthen, and inspire!