Lakeland Care Inc. Adds New Private Care Management Option for Individuals and Families

Lakeland Care Inc. is proud to announce the development of a new line of business titled Care Plus.


Care Plus offers care management support to assist individuals and families in accessing appropriate care and services to live the life of their choice. Care Plus is built on the belief that all individuals have the right to live with dignity and at the highest level of independence possible within the community they call home, whether in their own house, apartment, or a residential facility.


Care Plus assists clients in identifying care and service options that meet their needs and personal goals. Care Plus will coordinate and monitor services chosen by the client. Clients will privately pay for those chosen services. Each client will be assigned their own personal care manager, which may be a licensed Registered Nurse, or a social service professional.


This program aligns with Lakeland Care’s long history of care management experience as a leader in one of Wisconsin’s Medicaid programs. Care Plus is available to those who may not qualify for publicly funded programs.


To learn more, call toll free 1-844 CARE PLS (1-844-227-3757) or email