Charlie’s County Market Promotes National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Kelly Sufka, daughter of owner Charlie Harvey, was delighted to speak about the great experiences Charlie’s County Market has seen with the inclusion of people with disabilities. The grocery store, located on Main Street in Shawano, currently employs 8 individuals with disabilities from bagging and upfront duties to dishwashing, deli prep, and wrapping donuts.


The business not only employs people with disabilities, but they also provide the needed work environment for people with disabilities to build skills in a temporary work experience. This has been so important in working on not only the technical skills, but also the soft skills and social interactions. Kelly collaborates with the local high school to extend those work experiences to youths transitioning into the adult world. Kelly reports that the main goal of hiring is “finding a good fit for the person” whether that be ensuring schedule adjustments are made or tasks align well with the person’s abilities.

“We don’t treat anyone differently based on their disability and we are very happy with the dependability and the good workers that we have employed here,” Kelly stated.


Kelly added that customers also express their satisfaction with the inclusion and diversity they see at Charlie’s County Market. For National Disability Employment Awareness Month, observed annually in October, Charlie’s County Market is going above and beyond by inserting a promotional flyer into all customer bags to spread the word about National Disability Employment Awareness Month!


Thanks for being a collaborative community partner, Charlie’s County Market!