Power Hour

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The Stress Success Plan: Strategies for a Balanced Life

When: May 15th 11:30-12:30 CST

Session Overview: Imagine navigating life’s ups and downs with a sense of calm and confidence, transforming stress into a steppingstone for growth and balance. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the juggle of work and personal life, or you’re curious about how to enhance your resilience, this session is your starting point to a more harmonious existence. It’s easy to feel like you’ve tried every stress management trick in the book without much success. We get it. Or maybe you’re on the lookout for a different and effective way to manage life’s pressures. No matter where you find yourself on this spectrum, our interactive workshop promises to equip you with practical strategies that pave the way to a balanced, fulfilling life. By shifting from being stress-bound to becoming your best self, you unlock the door to thriving in all areas of your life.

Pursuing a Life Well-Lived

When: July 17th 11:30-12:30 CST

Session Overview: In our enriching session on “Pursuing a Life Well-Lived: Gallup Strengths and Well-Being,” we delve into the comprehensive aspects of well-being that significantly influence our life satisfaction and daily experiences. Grounded in the extensive research by Gallup, this training highlights the profound impact of high well-being on professional stability, health outcomes, and overall life satisfaction. Participants will explore the synergy between their unique Strengths and their overall well-being, uncovering personalized pathways to enhance their quality of life. Through a blend of insightful data, reflective assessments, and practical strategies, this session offers a roadmap to not only envision but actively pursue a life characterized by fulfillment, health, and happiness.

Connecting the Dots: The Role of Purpose and Values in Stress Management

When: August 21st 11:30-12:30 CST

Session Overview: This session delves into how a clear understanding of one’s personal and professional values and purpose can serve as a compass for decision-making, reducing stress and increasing fulfillment. It emphasizes the importance of aligning daily activities and decisions with these core values to cultivate a sense of meaning and satisfaction in both work and life. By exploring the disconnects between one’s current state and their ideal value-aligned life, participants are encouraged to identify and make mindful adjustments. This process not only mitigates stress but also enhances personal and professional growth by fostering a life lived in accordance with one’s true self and aspirations.