I enjoy working at Lakeland because of the supportive work life balance they offer.
Veronica O.
I love working for Lakeland Care because of the flexibility to work as professionals; which allows us to perform to our highest potential for our members.
Renee B.
They gave me the tools to succeed and assimilate seamlessly.
Nate J.
I enjoy improving the lives of others. It is rewarding to watch independence and feeling of self-worth grow with the correct supports.
Miriah K.
I love working for Lakeland Care because the people I work with share the same reason for our members we serve and are very supportive of each other.
Michael L.
I like having the opportunity to help people and having the support of an agency committed to helping people.
Mark V.
What I enjoy most about working for Lakeland Care is coming to my job everyday truly loving what I do as a Care Manager.
Kristi W.
Lakeland Care genuinely cares, not only about the members who receive our services, but their employees who work hard to achieve great care for our members.
Jamie C.
I love being able to help people. Seeing the smiles on the members faces or on the faces of the member’s families is everything.
Georgeanne H.
I enjoy the flexibility that working for Lakeland Care provides.
Eric J.
The things that I like most about working for Lakeland Care is being able to work with our members to find creative solutions for them to remain living in their own home environments.
Ellen K.
The reason I enjoy working at Lakeland Care is the flexibility with the alternate work schedule and working from home to create a nice work/life balance.
Brenda N.
I love working at Lakeland Care for the flexible schedule, strong leadership and working with a diverse population of people.
Beth M.
I love my job with Lakeland Care as it gives me a sense of pride to serve our members and work with a great team of people whom have become more like family.
Ashley G.
I enjoy the work I do with Lakeland Care and the relationships I get to build with my members.
Annie M.
I enjoy working at Lakeland because I get to help people every day!
Alisha A.