If you were to ask Jim about his experience working with Lakeland Care he will tell you, “Lakeland Care has been my lifeline.” Jim is happy to be alive and in charge of his own well-being.


In February 2016, Jim had medical conditions for which he was hospitalized, and he was prescribed medication whose use prohibited him from consuming alcohol. Upon discharge, Jim needed to find a facility where he could go through rehabilitation to gain his strength back. He was anxious to return to his apartment and he worked hard in therapy so he could transfer independently and use his walker for mobility. Jim committed to remaining alcohol-free and he was willing to accept assistance with tasks to ensure his safety and maintain his abilities.


Just five months after leaving the hospital, Jim was able to move back to his own apartment, where he now lives independently. He has had no falls, hospitalizations or ER visits. Just as important, Jim has maintained his sobriety and he follows all of his doctor’s recommendations. Jim’s daughter Chris is a source of great support and she’s a strong advocate for her dad. Chris hesitated when Jim said he wanted to move back to his apartment but knowing that he has supports in place, like a lifeline for personal safety, gave her peace of mind. She says “It means a lot for Dad to be in his own place, and he appreciates what he has.”


Jim also struggles with blurred vision and severe hearing loss, and he uses an amplifier to better hear those who are speaking to him. He has housekeeping support and meals delivered five days a week, and Jim follows a program where he walks to maintain good health. Jim understands that he came close to being unable to live on his own in the community, and he’s a great team player when it comes to his care. Jim and Chris get along great with his Lakeland Care team. Chris says “Katie and Julie are excellent to work with and it’s very easy to communicate with them. In the two years that Jim’s been in Family Care we’ve built a nicely oiled machine, and we all work great together.”


Today, Jim feels good and looks forward to living life to the fullest. He enjoys listening to music, watching television and reading, and he has a special connection with his 99-year-old Mom who lives in North Dakota. Every week Chris sends Jim’s Mom a picture of him and tells her how he’s doing, and every Friday Jim receives a letter in the mail from his Mom. As Jim would say, “don’t complain, get along and just move forward.”

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