Lakeland Care Plus Consulting offers highly engaging and interactive learning opportunities focused on enhancing leadership skills furthering organizational effectiveness and building a culture of excellence. We know that by developing effective leaders, strong teams and promoting a positive workplace environment, we can work together to address the needs of our communities and the individuals within them. We are here to support you as we work together to empower individuals, strengthen communities, and inspire futures.

Explore Programs

Virtual Trainings

Pre-scheduled, virtual trainings hosted via Zoom that are highly
engaging and interactive to support your individual and organizational needs.

Focused Training

Highly engaging and interactive, in person or virtual learning opportunities to support individual or organizational needs.

Focused Coaching

Individual or small group coaching aimed to enhance leadership capabilities, obtain strategic objectives, and create culture change.


P.E.P. is a highly collaborative and engaging workshop and coaching series to enhance recruiting efforts, engage your current employees and help prevent employee attrition.


S.T.E.P. to Success is a highly collaborative and engaging workshop and coaching series designed to identify your personal Strengths, start your journey from talent discovery to strength development, and improve your team partnerships and increase productive teaming.

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