Q3 2021 C.A.R.E. Award Winners

Lakeland Care continues to recognize outstanding providers through the C.A.R.E. (Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Enrichment) Award. The C.A.R.E. Award is a way for our care teams to recognize the outstanding service of our providers and individual caregivers. Each quarter an internal Lakeland Care committee chooses three providers/caregivers from all care team submissions and the committee utilizes the C.A.R.E. principles to honor the recognized providers.







Fox Valley Cab

“Thank you so much for assisting our member in Neenah that needed last minute transportation for relocation to ensure he had care. You were willing to assist on short notice and make sure he had the support needed even though you weren’t positive you would have staff. You said you would make sure you got him there. I was then informed that when the driver arrived to pick him up, he was so excited to go for a van ride and asked to go through Oshkosh. The driver ensured that our member had an enjoyable trip and went a different route to make him happy in a stressful situation. Thank you for showing so much compassion and respect to our members.”

-Nominated by: Stacey K.


Natural Living Adult Family Home; Jordan B.

“We would like to recognize you and your staff for your outstanding customer service given to our Lakeland Care member. She was admitted to Dost Home for respite until their home could be certified. She has since requested for long term placement because of the exceptional care. She is currently thriving in her new home following instability for over a year as well as two relocation needs while with a different provider. You have been attentive and effective in supporting all of our member’s needs. She has since expressed much satisfaction. Dost Home has implemented structure, routine and daily outings that have allowed her to adjust and is the most stable in over a year. Dost Home has an organized room with all the sensory items in place as well as positive affirmations. The staff has effectively responded to her needs and scheduled all her MD appointments and monthly IM injections without issues or lapses in services.”

-Nominated by: Stacey K.





Independent Mobility Plus; Anna

“A member with a specialized electric wheelchair suddenly stopped working and the part was on back order, with no shipment date expected. Independent Mobility went out of their way and located the part on a new sales floor model and promptly repaired his chair. Another member with a similar circumstance with parts on back order was able to attend a wedding timely because they took them from a new floor model to repair the wheels/ arm rests.”

-Nominated by: Justin P.