Lakeland Care Supports HCBS Providers through PEP Up Your Organization Workshops

PEP Up Your Organization, standing for Prepare, Engage and Positively Impact, is a highly collaborative and engaging workshop that focuses on helping organizations learn new strategies to enhance recruiting efforts, engage current employees, and help prevent employee attrition. Organizations have an opportunity to examine their current processes and learn strategies that will increase commitment to their mission and organization. In 2023, thus far, 43 organizations have signed up to participate in the PEP workshop. Check out a few testimonials from attendees:


“Having been in this field for 25 years, I hadn’t expected PEP to provide information I hadn’t already been exposed to at some point. I was mistaken. PEP Session 1 introduced data driven statistics that were really eye opening. Our agency has already begun to implement some fresh ideas from Session 1, and we are looking forward to seeing what develops over the next several sessions.”

– Bill Jones, Improved Living Services, LLC


“We left the first PEP session and made some adjustments to our job postings and application process. We had an increase in applicants in just one month!”

– Anonymous


“The PEP Session was a great experience. The team was very kind and welcoming. The environment was positive and engaging. The team provided tools and resources for providers that we may not always have time to reflect on, which was well needed and appreciated.”

– Anonymous


“This workshop provides an exceptional amount of information and skills that every healthcare company can use to take their organizations to a whole new level!”

– Rikki Vogel, Senior Helpers


If you are interested in signing up for the PEP workshop, please reach out to Lakeland’s Organizational Impact Coach, Jessica Koch, at for more information.