Lakeland Care wants to help you live well in your own home and remain connected to your family, friends and community. We support you by putting your needs and goals first. We know living at home is important to you, and for you.


Home can be an apartment, a house shared with friends, a house with your family, your own home, or an apartment with friends.


Living in your own home has many benefits. You can plan your own day, and decide when to do certain things such as when to wake up and when to eat meals. You can do what you want, when you want.


Living in your own home means you can change your routine and surroundings to give you comfort and happiness. Remaining in your home can bring a sense of calm, comfort and connection to cherished memories. You are less likely to get sick from others when you live in your own home.


Lakeland Care’s goal is to help you stay in your own home.


Everybody, including people with disabilities and seniors, should be able to live at home with supports and be a contributing member to the community.


Living at home keeps you connected to your community – your grocery store, pharmacy, and your church. You can maintain your friendships, and your family and friends can visit you at any time. Living at home may become hard due to sicknesses that affect your independence, health and safety.


Options exist to support you to stay in your own home.


Help with bathing, transportation, housekeeping, and home-delivered meals are just some of the services Lakeland Care offers. Living at home is a more cost-effective option than moving to an assisted living setting. Your care team will consider assisted living only after all options to keep you living well and safe at home have been fully explored.


Your care team is one of the most important benefits to being a Lakeland Care member. Your care team is trained to support you with the necessary resources to make your life easier and safer while still living at home. Your care team will support you, your family and friends to be involved in your life.


There really is no place like home.


Your Lakeland Care team is here to make your dream a reality. Lakeland Care is committed to making sure you are safe and cared for in your home.


Improving your quality of life by strengthening and supporting your relationships and connections with your family, neighborhood and community is a primary purpose of Lakeland Care and critical to supporting your outcomes.


Benefits of choosing Lakeland Care:

  • You can improve or maintain quality of life
  • We help you live in your home or apartment, among family and friends
  • You are involved in decisions about your care and services
  • We help maximize your independence


Lakeland Care empowers you through employment opportunities. Studies show that working brings a sense of self-worth and independence, and can improve your overall health and well-being. Lakeland Care can help you prepare for Community Integrated Employment by helping you gain the necessary skills, experience, and supports you need to be successful.


Lakeland Care works with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), and has a vast list of employment service providers to support you to be successful in your job. Lakeland Care will be there to help you find and keep your job and to help you thrive in your community. If you have questions or want to work in your community, tell your care team at Lakeland Care and they will get you started on your employment adventure.


“Employment is giving me the opportunity to learn new things and it’s a great feeling for me when I can master a task to do a job well.” – Lakeland Care member