Virginia is a 21-year old woman who’s been enrolled in Lakeland Care for just over a year. Virginia is diagnosed with an intellectual disability and Autism. She recently moved to an Adult Family Home in Central Wisconsin where she lives with three roommates and staff. This is a change from her last home, where she lived by herself with staff.


Since moving to her new home, Virginia has become more vocal and often engages with her three roommates and staff. Angela V., Virginia’s guardian case manager says “Virginia is blossoming, learning more and doing things others didn’t think she could do. The staff are open-minded and thoughtful with planning for community events to make sure that Virginia is as successful as possible.”


Just recently Virginia has shown interest in visiting the local stores to shop, and has also had an opportunity to go out for Chinese food. Staff report that Virginia is trying new and different things and is very happy in her new home. She has also been using sign language and more vocalizations to communicate her needs. Angela notes that Virginia was not shown these types of opportunities before. She says “Everyone should be given the chance to succeed, no matter what their level of functioning is.”


In her home Virginia now enjoys dancing, interacting with people and cooling off in the sprinkler. She likes all different types of music, and her favorite artist is Iggy Azalea. Virginia is excited about plans to attend an upcoming dance. Angela shared, “Virginia is working towards having a better quality of life and gaining independence, thanks to the hard-work of her support system.” That support system, which includes her Adult Family Home staff, her guardian, her care team and her roommates, can’t wait to see what Virginia achieves next!


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