Sue is very thankful for all of the wonderful things in her life especially family, art and horses. If you go to Sue’s apartment she will show you her wonderful paintings of horses, and tell you stories about how much she enjoyed riding and having her own horse.


Sue is an intelligent woman with a strong background in art. She spent four years at Milwaukee’s School of Art and worked at an advertising agency. Sue also worked at a local TV station creating drawings of court trials before cameras were allowed in court rooms. She has great memories from all of her years working, looks forward to producing more artwork, and someday hopes to display her art at exhibits.


Sue has post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorders from trauma in her past, but she is successfully living in the community with assistance from Lakeland Care. She is a very pleasant person and people say she’s an absolute joy to be around. She credits her family and close friends for helping her get to where she is today. Sue sometimes worries and feels down, especially around dates that she lost loved ones. Sue sometimes needs gentle encouragement to get out and try something new and when she does, she is typically bright, enthusiastic and happy.


Sue joined Lakeland Care and the Family Care Program in 2016 and receives supportive home care and transportation as part of her care plan. When asked about the support she receives through Family Care, Sue says, “I have a sense of peace and I know I’m safe. My care team provides tremendous support and are very caring to me. Lakeland Care is helping me move forward.”

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