Alex is a 30-year old woman who leads an independent life. She is active in her community and meets up with friends for activities. She enjoys going to the zoo, playing bingo, watching movies, swimming, riding her bike, going to the library and out to eat. In Special Olympics, Alex plays flag football and recently went to nationals in Washington, D.C. Occasionally, she volunteers at the Humane Society.


Alex also has a job working in her community. She is a housekeeper at a local hotel, where she independently performs her work duties and receives positive reviews from her supervisor.


Alex has overcome much in her life. Abused as a young child, she then lived in foster care homes until she turned 18. After that, she moved to a group home and then lived in a private adult family home for three years. Now, Alex lives in her own apartment and she is proud of the independence she has achieved.


As a member of Lakeland Care, Alex set a personal goal to live on her own without assistance, and she has been working hard to achieve that objective. In 2017, she moved into her own apartment and since then Alex has steadily been decreasing her supportive home care workers’ check-ins with her. With their support, Alex has begun to independently schedule and attend her medical and dental appointments, and she has reduced the frequency of assisted shopping trips.


Alex has a great attitude and has already achieved much in her life, but she wants to continue to learn and grow. She enjoys being responsible for herself and appreciates the support she receives from her guardian Lisa, her caregivers, and her care team from Lakeland Care. Soon, she hopes to move in with her boyfriend of three years, get her driver’s license, and become her own guardian.


Alex is excited about her future and will continue to work hard for what she wants. She’s focused on achieving her goals so she can live the life of her dreams.

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