Lakeland Care is a mission driven organization that helps seniors and adults with disabilities live their best life possible by maximizing their strengths, and fostering their ability to achieve their highest level of independence. 

We want to offer our employees the same opportunity: the chance to do their best work each day. 

We know that acknowledging and supporting Lakeland Care employees’ own personal strengths and encouraging their professional development leads to a more qualified and dedicated workforce to fulfill our mission. 

Lakeland Care began its strength-based journey in 2018 when Learning and Development Manager, Misty Pickett, became a Gallup-certified strengths coach. 

Now, all Lakeland Care employees have identified their top five inherent strengths.  From there, supplemental training has helped us recognize our natural strengths and understand how to leverage them to most effectively fulfill our roles, contribute to our teams, and meet our organization’s goals. Lakeland Care also encourages employees to participate in professional development opportunities to enhance their skills.

Lakeland Care is proud to be a Dementia Friendly Organization as well as a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) organization.

We are dementia aware. Be a trauma-informed care champion.