Lakeland Care, Inc. is governed by a dedicated board of directors. This Board comprises community members vested in the interest of the Family Care program. Each board member brings their own level of experience, expertise, and passion for providing the best managed care services to members and their families. The board works tirelessly to establish organizational outcomes and objectives and performs oversight and monitoring to ensure those results are met. 

Board Philosophy

Strategically aligned with Lakeland Care’s Mission and Vision, the Board Philosophy guides all actions and decision-making for the Board of Directors.

Honesty and Integrity

Compassionate Stewardship

  • Responsible for costs and services
  • Consider overall impact of decisions on individuals, providers, employees and quality

Commitment to Individuals’ Needs

  • Proactive and responsive
  • Accessible to individuals and providers
  • Timely acknowledgment
  • Respect and dignity

Continuous Improvement

  • Effective and Productive

Valuing Lakeland Care Employees and Providers

  • Maintaining a positive place to work and deliver services

Board of Directors

The Lakeland Care Inc. Board of Directors are:

Mike Konecny | President
Gallup Strengths: Context, Learner, Intellection, Input, Analytical 

Barbara Larson-Herber | Vice-President
Gallup Strengths: Achiever, Learner, Input, Deliberative, Self-Assurance 

Stuart Kuzik | Secretary/Treasurer
Gallup Strengths: Arranger, Individualization, Activator, Ideation, Futuristic

Bob Ziegelbauer 
Gallup Strengths: Achiever, Analytical, Responsibility, Context, Consistency 

Julie Kons 
Gallup Strengths: Relator, Individualization, Learner, Arranger, Woo

Julie Spanbauer 
Gallup Strengths: Developer, Empathy, Learner, Positivity, Adaptability

Todd Moely 
Gallup Strengths: Achiever, Analytical, Responsibility, Context, Consistency