Allen Buechel

Allen Buechel has served as Fond du Lac County Executive since 1993, after serving on the Fond du Lac County Board for 17 years. Since taking office, Fond du Lac County has been a leader in the state piloting innovative programs such as Family Care and Welfare Reform, and has significantly modernized the County’s infrastructure including the airport, highways, fairgrounds, golf course, parks, trails, the UW-Fond du Lac, the consolidated dispatch center and jail expansion, as well as information technology. Beginning in 2006, a regional Medical Examiner Office, based in Fond du Lac, was established. Buechel was elected to his seventh term as County Executive in April 2017 and is the longest serving county executive in Wisconsin. He has been a Lakeland Care, Inc. Board member since 2009 and prior to that served on the Board of Directors for the Lakeland Care’s predecessor organization, Creative Care Options of Fond du Lac County. Buechel lives in the Village of Campbellsport in Fond du Lac County.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 920-929-3155